CSN Stores Rug Review

Honestly, I didn't mean to leave you in blog-space. I meant to post sooner, but it has been a busy and wonderful summer. Where have I been?

Yale Commencement in CT
tons of tennis
Taylor Swift Concert,ND State Fair

Thanks for all the great suggestions on the rug. I ended up going with a rug that I hadn't pictured for all of you. The main reason I went with this particular rug is that it is an indoor/outdoor rug and can be washed by hosing it down. With two dogs, (and will be getting another one in two weeks!), being able to easily clean the rug is a must. Another reason is that the rug is black and cream and can be easily used in the new sun room, (stay tuned).

I was THRILLED when I received the rug. It came wrapped in plastic, and safely packaged. The texture, feel, weaving- all perfect. I think it works well in the kitchen dining room and adds to the eclectic feel of my home. If you need a rug, I suggest you visit CSNRugs.com.

Update: I've chosen white textured sheers for the formal dining room. I'll have pics up soon!
I hope all of you have had a great summer.


Kitchen Curtains & Great Rugs

The kitchen window and my favorite red chairs received a makeover.

You can see the part of the valance that used to be on the window, below. The table is turned a different direction. The fabric that used to be on the chairs is a little more subdued.
I love the black and taupe fabric. You can't really see it, but this fabric has beautiful texture. The black is velvety and raised. I sewed the damask fabric to the top of a gorgeous silk that matches the wall color exactly.

CSN Rugs.com has a variety of area rugs available. I'm thinking of this one,

but also like these-

Make sure you visit the link above. They have a large variety of styles.
Which one do you think I should get?
Blessings, Ele

Drapes and Spray Paint!

I knew what type of fabric I wanted to frame the window in the sitting room. I looked for drapes to purchase ready made off the shelf, or to order online/catalog. I wanted something with a little texture, and just the right color.

I couldn't find what I wanted, so it became necessary to special order the fabric. Really, I have a lot of patience, but when it comes to decorating, I don't. I WANT IT DONE NOW! A few weeks after ordering the fabric arrived and I was thrilled!

It was an easy peasey sewing project with straight seams all the way. I double folded the side and bottom seams to hide all the raw edges.
I let the hem puddle on the floor, (which is great because precise measuring is not needed).
Even though some may think this room is a little fussy looking, it is calm and relaxing to me. My pink girl and I hang out in here snuggled on the couch, with book in hand.
I bought rods that were stark white. The white was a little too drastic for this room, so out came the can of spray paint.

Heirloom White by American Accents is a great color. The paint doesn't dry as fast as I like, so I had to be patient. When using spray paint, spray thin coats of paint and repeat the layers.

While I had the spray paint out, I changed the color of the four rose pots. For those of you who are actually reading, you can see my next project through the window-the sunroom. It's not quite finished yet. Soon. I. Hope.
I LOVE this paint color. Look at how the color blends with with the white roses, but doesn't match exactly, (which I like).

 Come back on Saturday and I'll show you the new drapes in the kitchen dining room, (black and taupe with damask trim).
My pictures are actually enlarging, so CLICK away!
Blessings to all of you!