Bird Swap with Fleur De Bee

I LOVE that school is out, and I LOVE Bird Swaps. What does one have to do with the other? Every morning, I drink a double shot latte in bed, (that Mr. Pink Heaven prepares for me). I open the window to listen to the sound of the birds, and sip away. Ah, life is good.

Molly of Fleur De Bee and I had a private swap with what else, a bird theme! Look at the beautiful nest she created for me!
What is inside the nest? Beautiful silvered eggs, a fan of sheet music, a vintage pin, and luscious ribbons are found in this nest. It's a lucky bird that lives here!
I love the rounded diamonds she uses here. I don't think princess cut diamonds would have
accented it quite as well. She's such an artist!
Oh my, she's quite the looker too! This mama bird is all dolled up with a foofy pink hairdo and a silvered beak!
She has come to watch over her precious eggs.
Sitting atop a glass pedestal trimmed in yards of pink crepe paper and hydrangea flowers, this birdy is quite happy.....and so am I!