Arm Chairs in Neutral Textures

French Chairs+Velvety Fabric in Beige+Textured Trims in Various Shades of Neutral=

Three layers of trims; vintage ecru lace, silky tan trim, and tea stained burlap cording. The trims add to the chair's French look.

CRAFT TIP: Save the fabric you take off the chair to use for a pattern. Cut out fabric and secure over foam seat with staple gun. Pleat (fold), and ease fabric around chair form. Staple the bottom two laters of trim on the front of the chair. GLUE top layer of trip on top of other trims. This will hide staples. Use E6000, or glue 9000 and be careful not to get glue on fabric. Really, it's easy!

These chairs will go into the newly redecorated sitting room.