It's About Time

Great packaging, wonderful ephemera, numbers, and cream colored buttons and lace came in my swap package from Here are some of the items:

Oh, what a wonderful time I will have making items with these treasures!
(I just couldn't resist!)

Arm Chairs in Neutral Textures

French Chairs+Velvety Fabric in Beige+Textured Trims in Various Shades of Neutral=

Three layers of trims; vintage ecru lace, silky tan trim, and tea stained burlap cording. The trims add to the chair's French look.

CRAFT TIP: Save the fabric you take off the chair to use for a pattern. Cut out fabric and secure over foam seat with staple gun. Pleat (fold), and ease fabric around chair form. Staple the bottom two laters of trim on the front of the chair. GLUE top layer of trip on top of other trims. This will hide staples. Use E6000, or glue 9000 and be careful not to get glue on fabric. Really, it's easy!

These chairs will go into the newly redecorated sitting room.


More Sweet Tweet Swap Gifts

From Vintage Patina, I received a vintage raspberry crate filled with bird goodies!

One of my favorite items include a silver ladle altered with a bird's nest, eggs, millinery and ribbon. So perfect for me!

I received this bookmark charm-set that says, "farm girl" and on the other side, "plays in dirt'. Isn't that great? I LOVE it, cause I am a farm girl and in the dirt! Visit Vintage Patina to see all the beautiful items in the basket!

Lucky me!
Blessings, Ele

Bird Swap with Fleur De Bee

I LOVE that school is out, and I LOVE Bird Swaps. What does one have to do with the other? Every morning, I drink a double shot latte in bed, (that Mr. Pink Heaven prepares for me). I open the window to listen to the sound of the birds, and sip away. Ah, life is good.

Molly of Fleur De Bee and I had a private swap with what else, a bird theme! Look at the beautiful nest she created for me!
What is inside the nest? Beautiful silvered eggs, a fan of sheet music, a vintage pin, and luscious ribbons are found in this nest. It's a lucky bird that lives here!
I love the rounded diamonds she uses here. I don't think princess cut diamonds would have
accented it quite as well. She's such an artist!
Oh my, she's quite the looker too! This mama bird is all dolled up with a foofy pink hairdo and a silvered beak!
She has come to watch over her precious eggs.
Sitting atop a glass pedestal trimmed in yards of pink crepe paper and hydrangea flowers, this birdy is quite happy.....and so am I!

Sweet Tweet Swap Reveal

The Sweet Tweet Swap Reveal

Please visit blog links below to see the items exchanged in the Sweet Tweet Swap.
Make sure you scroll down to see the pictures of the items I sent my partners.
(I will be updating the status throughout the day, so swappers, let me know when you post your pictures.)

Vintage Patina (posted) My partner, lucky me!
Troc Broc (posted) My partner, lucky me!
Fleur De Bee My partner, but we decided to mail later. 3 Times Lucky!
Viv's Whimsy (posted)
Caleen Rae (posted)
Birdhouses decorated with seam binding, millinery flowers, vintage jewels, sheet music, glass glitter, and even a bird's nest!

A box decorated with a bird's nest!

Ceramic birds decorated with a little bling!

A bird in a nest with a great vintage pin. Perfect for displaying in a glass jar!

For the sweet part of my swap, I sent my partners sweet scrapbooking items, a sweet pink bird necklace, and chocolate candy, (didn't get any pics of the candy), and a sweet vintage wallpaper notebook.
An area potter made these "bird" bud pottery vases.

Thank you to all of my partners who sent me FABULOUS items. I will be taking pictures of these items and posting them when I have more time.
Vivian made me a beautiful bracelet for hosting this swap. Just look at how she put together these flowers. Awe, thanks Viv!