Dining Room Update

Dining room makeover (almost) complete.

If you want to see what the formal dining room looked like before go here. I really did like the room before. I just felt a change was needed, and wanted it to coordinate with my sitting room here, (scroll down).
The items in my home are my treasures. My treasures are vintage, antique, almost new, and may only be beautiful to me, but they each have their own story.
When I redecorate, I incorporate my "treasures" into the design. Do you do this? Do you have things you LOVE and just have to make them part of the design, or do you start totally new? I can't start new. It's not me. Read on, and I'll share.
My seashells...
...fill the base of a very large glass vase. A reminder of wonderful vacations with Mr. Pink Heaven, and my children. Laughter, relaxation, love, and warmth are inside this vase.
The walls have been painted a soothing pale shade of blue and new white flowers top off the seashells. I reupholstered the chair backs in the same fabric as the sitting room couch. I actually haven't recovered the seat cushions yet. Because I like to mix and match, I am looking for a darker blue in the same hue as the walls. What to you think?
The antique chandelier (70 years old) from my husband's grandmother's living room. The stories of his childhood, hang from our dining room's ceiling.
A new mirrored dresser graces the corner, (yes, I said new), and a vintage picture gets a new coat of white paint.
On top of the dresser, I have displayed a Swedish Art Glass heart vase from someone I "heart", my favorite teapot, (picked out by my pink girl), and faux cuppies made by Shannon of Paint Mine Pink. Don't you love the reflection? Isn't the mirror with silver trim a great look against the blue?
More of my treasures include...
...vintage china plates from three grandmothers, a plate from the church where Mr. Pink Heaven and I were married (27 years ago), a few plates from friends, and a plate from the church I attended as a child, with my grandmother.

Remember the inspiration picture?
It received a fresh coat of white paint, (the original pic I took is a little washed out....geez!).

A new table runner with white embroidery brings in a little texture.

Vintage teacups.....
...that once belonged to two of my great aunts. They were Norwegian immigrants who homesteaded on the Midwestern prairie. I'm sure the teacups can tell many stories. Another treasure, a coffee pot painted by my husband's great aunt.
Three generations of vintage plates on my wall. A plate from my mother's first set of plates, a plate from my grandmother's dishes, and another from my great grandmother. Can you hear the families gathering around the table? Children laughing? Families praying? My great grandmother had 13 children. It's a miracle the bottom plate, which is hers, survived.

Now, I said my formal dining room was almost done. Besides the bottom chair cushions, I also need to sew drapes, curtains, and/or valances. I'm not sure what I want. Any suggestions? Take a look at the windows.
I really don't need to cover the windows, as I live out in the country. It doesn't matter to me if the cows look in, ha! The window on the left side of the room looks into the sun room. I'm sure there are many great ideas out there. Help me out!
Happy Mothers Day!
Blessings to all of you,