Spring Redecor

A little Spring

in my kitchen. A yellow potted plant from my son's girlfriend brings in the sunshine. Finally, I can see out my kitchen window, unlike a couple of weeks ago, here.

I took the plunge and started redecorating the formal dining room. Because of the dark raspberry, painting primer is the first step.

What is the final paint plan, you ask? I wasn't sure when I started painting.
Here's the scoop-
I want the dining room to coordinate with the sitting room below.
I do not "shop" for inspiration in a store.
I happen upon inspiration. I stumble into inspiration at flea markets, auctions, or (my favorite) gifts, (like the silver tea set in the picture above).
I'd like the dining room to coordinate with this picture that I found at an auction a few years ago.
I'd also like to bring in textures and shades of shells I found in the Caribbean.

Along with the shells and silver, I have added the soft blue from the sitting room. I also decided upon a taupe color. Which walls, what color? Fabric? Recovering chairs? Drapes? Any ideas ladies? Those decisions will come later. For now....
back to painting primer.
Blessings, Ele