Pretty Jar

Embellished Glass Jar-
Easily decorated with seam binding, millinery flower, and a vintage jewel.

CRAFT TIP: Use three pieces of seam binding. Tie the first piece around the neck of the bottle and finish with a regular bow (the same way you tie your shoes!). Do the same with the second ribbon. Take the third piece of ribbon and tuck it behind the knots of the two bows (top to bottom). Bring the center of the ribbon directly behind the knots. Tie the ribbon ends into a single knot and bow on top of the other ribbons. This will stabilize all the ribbons and give you a base so that you can glue on your embellishments. Use a good glass glue like Omni Stick and glue on vintage jewels, millinery flowers, etc.

I found these glass jars for 80% off. They will be used to store items on my vanity.

Blessings to you,