My Favorite Table

Fav Table-

CRAFT TIP: The table (originally stained wood) received a coat of white flat paint. I used gold Pilot paint marker to write (cursive) flower names in Latin and English.

Wait at least 24 hours for the writing to dry and further embellish with Plaid Gold Wax Metallic Finish. I used my finger to wipe the wax on the edges of the table. I also lightly wiped the wax across some of the writing.
I have more Birthday treats to show you, so be sure to come back later in the week.


Wedding Flowers

It's been a busy week. I, along with two wonderful helpers, put together wedding bouquets, arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres with 175 white and red roses. The brides bouquet had white roses in the center.

Bridesmaids bouquets were lush with red roses.
The reception was centered around a nature theme. We put miniature roses and leather leaf on the tables.
Love this cake.
Oil lamps made of beautiful rocks carried on the nature theme.

Irish in My Heart

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Embellish a candle with a strip of green ribbon.

Craft Tip: Tack a ribbon to a candle by using upholstery tacks, or a short pin. Gently tap the tack through the ribbon, into the candle with a hammer. This same idea can be done with a strip of paper or fabric. Make sure you keep the decor far from the flame!

I have Irish in my heart and in my genes. In memory of my father, my favorite Irishman, I celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Many years have passed, but hardly a day goes by that I don't think of my dear father. On St. Patrick's Day, he dressed in his green suit and green sequined bow tie. He gave me flowers, and brought joy to everyones' day.

With green on my mind, I thought I would share some green rooms.

A non matchy color scheme works when you stay on the same side of the color wheel and pair it with neutrals.

Soft green and yellow will provide a soothing palate. A dramatic pop of red fabric on the stool behind the couch, brings interest to this room.

Paint the inside of a cupboard a different color. Fresh green looks inviting with vintage white stoneware.
Cool colors of green in mint and aqua with a splash of silver (fridge and cupboard knobs), and paired with robin's egg blue, are a relaxing sight. This is cottage style at it's finest.

Traditional decor in green always works.

Mix greens for a fun, happy look.
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Have a Blessed, Green Day.

Pretty Jar

Embellished Glass Jar-
Easily decorated with seam binding, millinery flower, and a vintage jewel.

CRAFT TIP: Use three pieces of seam binding. Tie the first piece around the neck of the bottle and finish with a regular bow (the same way you tie your shoes!). Do the same with the second ribbon. Take the third piece of ribbon and tuck it behind the knots of the two bows (top to bottom). Bring the center of the ribbon directly behind the knots. Tie the ribbon ends into a single knot and bow on top of the other ribbons. This will stabilize all the ribbons and give you a base so that you can glue on your embellishments. Use a good glass glue like Omni Stick and glue on vintage jewels, millinery flowers, etc.

I found these glass jars for 80% off. They will be used to store items on my vanity.

Blessings to you,

Crowns and Royalty

Paris and Europeon Chic dictates royal images on pillows, towels, bags, and many other items. Take a stroll through your local home decor department and you'll be sure to notice items with the crown appeal. Adding a royal touch makes a person feel special. To me, it's not about acknowleding one particular queen, but celebrating our lives as women.

This pillow was purchased from Teresa Sheeley.
I was pleased to win this bag in a blog giveaway. Thank you Michele! Look at the royal items Michele offers at Sweet Yesterdays.

I keep my new bag hanging right by my coat and purse. It's filled with craft supplies and ready to go at a moment's notice!

Blessings to you all,

Somerset Studio

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Have a beautiful week.Blessings, Ele