Puppy Tag Love

The AMAZING Karla put together a Puppy Love Tag Swap, (in honor of her sweet puppies that were born last month). I love cooperative swaps because you receive a little art from more then one person. I sent Karla 6 tags. Karla put together tag books with tags from 6 different people, added a cover tag from herself, and the end result is a wonderful little book.

I am always amazed at the creativity that flows from bloggers when they participate in a project such as this. The first tag is from Karla Nathan, the hostess. The words "what means this thrill" under a fairly somber couple, just cracked me up!

This tag is just so pretty. Would you believe that the back is as pretty as the front. I wasn't surprised when I saw it was from Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio. Andera makes lovely things.
I wish the picture below showed the glittery details and the beauty of the rose a little clearer, but you'll have to take my word for it, very elegant. The back is as nice as the front. This pretty tag was made by Mahala at Simply Sage.
This tag is just like it says, "sweet". The background paper is from a children's story and fits in perfectly with the picture of the little girl and puppy. The background of the tag looks as if it is water colored. It's a wonderful look. The sweetest tag is made by Ali Gripp.

My heart did flutter when I saw this tag. It has everything I love, a little millinery flower, a heart with mica/glass glitter, ephemera text (page from a French book), and pink trim. This tag is made by Jen Kershner.

How cute is this tag made by Caitlin at Chaotic Creations? True puppy love complete with sweet puppy kisses. The back of this tag has a puppy paw print on it. I'm sure Karla has gotten lots of sweet puppy kisses lately! Caitlin even did a little hand work on the felt heart in the corner. Nice touch!

The last tag is from Kathy in Chicago. It is an elegant Victorian looking tag. Beautiful lush looking rose and pearl trims on the bottom. Stunning!

Thanks to all of you who tag appears in my tag book, and again to Karla.....the amazing Karla!
Below are some of the tags I made for the swap.
Blessings to you,