Fresh Green

The celery green and chocolate brown bedroom. Yes, you read right.....celery green.

I'm not a big green fan. It just happened. When decorating this room, I wanted a fresh, clean look and Mr. Heaven approved of the colors, (actually he really doesn't care how I decorate, but I did hear him say under his breath, "thank goodness it's not pink").
Lets discuss some of the "issues" in this room:
*Boring Beige Carpet/Walls- carpet HAS to be pet friendly (as you can see in the pic). I also like to change accent colors in the bedroom, and even with a change, beige is in it for the long run.
*White Tab Top Drapes- I like how it pops against the beige
*Bed in the Middle of the Room- This is a really big room and I move my bed around a lot. Sometimes it's in the dormer under the window (where the chair sits). Remember when I told you a couple of posts ago that I can't sit still. Neither can my furniture.
*No Dust Ruffle- Hate. Dust. Ruffles. I think they look good, but I just don't like vacuuming under them, washing them, repositioning them, not being able to see under the bed (monsters and lost items!).)etc. I might give into a coverlet that goes to the floor. Maybe. Stay tuned.
*Ugly Chair in Dormer- Breathe a sigh of relief. This chair will be recovered as will it's partner . At this point, I can't decide. Should I go fun and funky (celery and brown cheetah fabric or flowers similar to pillows), warm chocolate tweed, or sensible beige?
*Not a lot of Foof on the Bed. You know I love foof and frou frou like all of you, but lets face it, I am a REAL person. I throw together my bed in the morning, and get in at night. I might add that I am quite skilled at making the bed with Miss Cocoa (see above picture) on top of the covers. As much as my bed would love to spend all day getting ready for a magazine shoot. It does not. If it did, a dust ruffle, shams, IRONED pillow cases would be applied to the bed. Large ornate pieces would be on the bedside table. I decided to show you "fresh, simple, usable lifestyle".
*The Honey Brown Piece of Wood on the Right Side of the Bed- Wooden drawers built into the side of the dormer.

Let's move on to the closeup shots-
I actually did choose fabric with a little pink in the design. Don't tell.

The comforter that started it all.

This chair fabric DOES NOT work with the pillows, so as soon as I decide on fabric and my upholsterer has time for this chair, it will be recovered!

Chocolate curtains and a new Paris plaque are hung in the bathroom.

I really like this celery green shower curtain that I purchased.

Usually, when I go to the ocean, I am smitten with the beautiful blues. On our recent trip to Mexico, I really noticed the greens. Could it be that I was longing for green grass and leaves on the trees at home?
As I'm typing the windchill is -15.
Our house had a beautiful garden with many shades of green.

I was surprised to find that the third floor bedroom of the beach house we stayed in (pictures courtesy of was accented with greens. Pink girl and cousin stayed in this room.

The view of green off of the 3rd floor sundeck. Brown palapa roofs and green palm trees similar to the palette of my bedroom at home. Outdoor temp- no comparison.

Blessings to you,

Ele, Cocoa (first pic.-bed) and Sage (first pic.-floor)