I Heart Vintage Buttons

I can't sit still. Even in front of a TV, I can't sit still.
Any time I have to sit still, I have a bag of handwork in front of me.

Sweet Beth sent me tons of beautiful vintage buttons. In my handwork bag, I put in a piece of fabric (a great piece that says, "hope, love, charity, faith"), a needle, thread, and my wonderful bag of buttons. The next time I was forced to sit still, these hearts transpired.

I "heart" the vintage buttons and was drawn to the soothing shades of cream and white. CRAFT TIP: I sewed the buttons on freehand, but if you want to draw a shape on your fabric first, a blue embroidery pen is great. This pen draws in a light blue color, and the ink disappears when touched with water.
I had to show a closeup of this stunning button.

I think I might frame one of these hearts in a shadow box. Do you have any other ideas?