Part 2- Merry Christmas From My Home

A little mischief has been happening at my house lately. I caught "her" in action. Remember Mitten? She's our newest addition that was found in the mall parking lot by "Pink Girl". It's Mitten's first Christmas and she has been enjoying the decorations!

Pink and cream colored decorations adorn this tree. A few "holes" where the branches are separated thanks to Mitten. I like to hang a few pieces of altered art on the tree. A little unexpected as they aren't really Christmas decorations. The "nest" birdhouses are new this year and made by Beth.

A Pink Christmas stocking that I made a couple of years ago with lots of trims.

Pink polka dotted Christmas stockings made by Michelle.

Another Christmas stocking made by me. It is made out of recycled (thrift store) wool sweaters. Make sure you use a sweater that is at least 90% wool. Wash it in HOT water and also dry it on HOT. You should end up with a tight piece of wool (felt). Cut it the shape you want and sew together! Notice the second picture below. The top part of the stocking is folded over. Add some embellishments and a ribbon hanger.

The teacup tree is below. Miniature teacups, teapots, sugar spoons, and hydrangea flowers hang on this tree. This tree is actually a half tree and it hangs flat against the the wall.
Next pic is our traditional Christmas tree. This tree is filled with the ornaments we have collected through the years. I also put on red candles as this was my grandmother's tradition. We don't light the candles, but we did when I was a little girl! I found the candle clips at a Stabo store (Scandinavian Imports).

Love this little Santa guy and snow covered crystal tree.
As you may already know, I dislike pictures on my fridge. To solve this problem a few months ago, we added these bulletin boards to our kitchen. Perfect for displaying Christmas cards.

We have been enjoying a beautiful day of sunshine and lots of snow. This is the snow that has piled up outside my kitchen window.

Mr. Pink Heaven is on the roof outside of our bedroom window. He's trying to remove some of the snow that has accumulated on our roof. Yes, I leaned out of the window to take this picture.

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Have a Happy and safe New Year.