Paper Love

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Just can't get enough for my creations .....I know, I know, the trees are begging me to stop the love affair. Someone will get hurt. Honestly though, I'm doing my part. The paper that I love the most is "green", ephemera. You know, the vintage papers that I'm finding other uses for instead of throwing them away, (I'm shuddering as I realized I ACTUALLY wrote the word THROW.......It's my grandmothers fault, really. She NEVER EVER EVER EVER THREW things away, and to me this means, vintage paper). I swear my grandmothers closet had a secret door/secret room for all the items she put into her closet. She was forever pulling out "things" that she had saved when we needed supplies for art projects, Valentine boxes, etc. That is a whole different story, so let me get back to my "green" paper supplies.

Point in case:
Vintage Ledger Paper-

I love the look. The hand written numbers are from another time, but the
use of these papers, timeless. I have stamped "timeless" on the vintage ledger paper used on this journal. The ledger paper is also mixed with vintage wallpaper, another love.

Vintage Wallpaper-

It comes in any shade and pattern imaginable. I have used vintage wallpaper on the note cards in the box above, on the photo album and keepsake box below. Vintage flocked wallpaper is used on the box above. Go here to see more pics of vintage flocked wallpaper!

Present wrapping has begun at Pink Heaven. I decided to go with simple elegance; plain brown paper stamped with a black fleur design. The best part of this project is that any age can create wrapping paper. Santa's helper and I tied on vintage flocked wallpaper tags and sage green bows.Hope everyone is having a great week!