Arts and Crafts Show/ part two!

Grab a cup of coffee. This post has a lot of pictures!
A Bit of Heaven, my shop/studio in an antique church building, is only open a few times during the year to the public. Last weekend was one of our open house events. This coming weekend, Dec. 5th and 6th, we will also be open. If you bloggers see anything you might be interested in, drop me an e-mail (righthand sidebar) and I will let you know if it's still available.

My friend, Farmchick, also joins me to sell her wares; wonderful soy candles, hot chocolate and marshmellow mixes, and treat mixes, yum. Last weekend she brought her cowboy soup, double yum! (Sorry shoppers, it was only for us tired, but happy workers!)
A woolen Christmas stocking-
Christmas stockings, and a tussie mussie-
Lavender Sachets-
Glittered Christmas words with a little extra embellishment.
Note the Happy Birthday pin at the top of the mirror. I think this one says, Happy 1st Birthday".
Christmas stocking gift bags-
Beaded silverware, tags, and one of my handmade table quilts-
A disply on top of a shelving unit-
Yes, I do have a few pink walls in my church. The narthex area (front entry), as well as the alter area (studio area) are raspberry pink. This is an old hosier cupboard filled with goodies.
Vintage hats for sale-

You know I'm not one to put a lot of personal info on my blog, but I've had such a marvelous week that I just wanted to share. In my last post, I told you my oldest son surprised me and came home. He hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in 3 years. My two boys, pink girl, Mr. Pink Heaven and I, together for Thanksgiving (along with other relatives).
Here are some of the highlights:
*coffee drips on the kitchen floor (this is code for "there are more males in the house, then females"- as it should be in my home- love those coffee drips!)
*the best meal I have had in a long time- I know it tastes better when we're all together, but REALLY the stuffing was FANTASTIC and NOT made by me
*Getting up at 4:30am on Friday to go shopping with my pink girl- her idea!
*Giggling at the lady that pulled the Christmas tree box out from under my hand. At this time of the morning, we seemed to think everything was funny. At the end of 12 hours of shopping, our giggles were cured, and we were just trying to feel our feet, but we'll do it again!
*having to stock the fridge with Dr. Pepper
*listening to the big boys say, "we're taking ANOTHER family picture"
*wonderful hugs and knowing that this time, it will only be 3 weeks until we're all together again....and yes, ANOTHER family picture!
Remember, if you add me to your public blog roll, let me know and If you have an arts/crafts/decorating blog, I will add you to mine!

Arts and Crafts Show

I've been away too long, but have been busy preparing for, and hosting a sales event.
My boutique (A Bit of Heaven), located in an antique church building, is open only a few weekends a year, and last weekend was one of them!

I like to divide my shop into different color palettes; browns/blacks/beige. sherbet colors, and brights, and during Christmas red/green for the traditional soul.

Personally, I Loooove these soaps, and quite honestly will rip off all the prettiness just to enjoy the use of these "oh so wonderfully smelling Almond, or Mandarin soothing shea butter soaps".

Paper covered letter (below) directions:
1) Purchase pre-primed flat letters from a hobby store, and scrap booking paper, (one per letter). You can also paint your own letters.
2) Turn letter over and trace unto backside of paper.
3) Cut out paper in letter shape.
4) Brush aa thin coating of white liquid glue to the front of the letter, (modge podge, Elmer's paper and fabric glue is my fav. for this project).
5) Position paper on letter and apply pressure, especially to the edges.
6) If you like, add a little dimension to edges by rubbing with stamping ink.
7) Check all edges and secure with a little glue if needed!
8) You can modge podge over the top, or leave as is. I like to leave it as is. Sometimes I struggle with modge podge bubbling.
9) Just imagine a little rose and seam binding added to the corner of a letter....sweet!

There will be more pictures of my shop next week. Here's a little sneak peek!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
My week has already been wonderful as my oldest son surprised me and came home. Lots of hugging going on around here:)

Flocked Wallpaper

My hearts a flutter.

Why you ask.

Take a look.........vintage flocked wallpaper. Need I say more? These gorgeous velvety beauties were purchased from Donna Layton at Under the Red Roof.

Beautiful blue, glamorous black, and creamy yellow are my momentary favorites.

I have also found some reproduction flocked papers.

What do I create with these gorgeous papers?
A sea of journals and photo albums for an upcoming show,

soft pink keepsake boxes embellished with German scrap and vintage jewels,

a pink and taupe keepsake box,

picture frames,

and a pink and blue journal.