Sew much fun!

I picked white gladiolas from the garden yesterday. So pristine and gorgeous. I fear they will be the last of the season. I love how they look next to my "Lorena" pumpkin.

Still sewing away! Can you tell I really like making these banners (buntings, pennants)? I was drawn to fabric I spied in the store the other day. Fabrics in browns, blues, greens, and beiges add a Fall feel. The brown fabric with batik blue!

Adding seam binding and a few yoyos just looks right to me.
I couldn't resisit making buntings in pinks, aquas, cupcake and present themes. They are perfect for birthday parties, or baby's room.

I've also been sewing a few fun bags lately. I just couldn't resisit these bright colorful fabrics.

If you want instructions to make a bunting yourself, go HERE.

Decorating with Pumpkins

I really like pumpkins. They just look happy to me and each one is different. What other vegetable gets the pleasure of decorating our lives for three whole months? That's the great part about it. Pumpkins can be displayed all Fall, from Sept.through Nov.

A very large pumpkin sits on a chippy cement flower pot throne.

How did I put this planter together? First, I removed the spent summer plants from the planters. I also removed a little of the dirt, and added a grapevine wreath, (this gives the pumpkin a place to sit). I stuck in a few sprigs that I cut from my German Statice plant. German statice is a bushy plant that dries in perfect condition. You can buy a bunch at most craft supply stores.

Miniature pumpkins stuck into pots with blooming flowers add such great color.

Farmers markets and even grocery stores carry gourds in many shapes and sizes. I picked up a few miniature gourds and pumpkins and placed them in my favorite black tiered centerpiece.

Happy Pumpkin hunting to you all, and hope you too will share some of your pumpkin decor!

Halloween Kitty & Banner Tutorial

In the last 10 years, I have brought home 6 pets; 3 dogs, 2 cats and a guinnea pig. When Pink Girl found a little black and white kitten in a parking lot, it was not a surprise that she could not leave the poor thing there and I could not say no. Noone has claimed this little one, so Mittens has a new home.

Isn't it cute how she matches the little glass Halloween kitty on the pin cushion made by Elizabeth Holcombe?

Look how Mittens matches this dress from Hannah Banana Baby!

I've been sewing fabric banners lately to offer on A Bit of Heaven Creations by Eleanor Erickson.

In case you want to make your own banner, here are the instructions:
* You will need 2 different types of fabric, 1/2 yard each. (This banner is two sided)
* 1 yd. Heat and Bond (the type you use for applique)
* Iron Heat and Bond to the back side of one fabric following instructions on pkg.
* Remove paper from Heat and Bond
* Position the back side of the second fabric to the backside of the first fabric. (Heat and Bond will be in the center). Iron together.
* Cut Material into desired triangle shape with a pinking sheers. I always make a pattern out of paper.
* You will have a two sided flag. I like to sew a decorative stitch about 1/4" from the edge of each flag, to make sure that the two fabrics stay bonded.
* Position flags as you want them. I like to alternate fabarics.
* Sew decorative trim across the top of each flag to attach the flags together.
* Sew ribbon on the ends so that you can tie it up!

Happy beginning of Fall!