Pincushions and Garden Art

Lately, I've been fascinated with pin cushions, so when I found this Victorian shoe in an antique store, I knew just what to do with it!

After I made this, I started to do a little research on antique pin cushions. Little did I realize that this pin cushion idea is as old as the hills! I found a lot of pictures of antique pincushions with porcelain figurines incorporated into the design. My favorite are the fancy ladies. Just another example that sometimes "new" ideas aren't really new.

A little extra bling for the pin keeper.

Sweet baby shoes pincushion picture is taken in front of a mirror.

A picture for my real life friend, farm chick, a yo yo pin cushion!

I have been making altered art journals for my shop for a few years now. I just had to include this photo, as I think they look yummy.

The flower gardens are looking great this year.

These metal sphere thingies were originally a metalic gold color AND were $70.00
Enter: a 90% off sale price (SCORE $7.00) + a can of purple spray paint= garden art