"The Bike"

I'm sure most of you have seen pictures of "the bike". It happened like this,(as I was driving down the city street in my trusty black pickup):

Me- "Do you see what someone threw away?"
Pink Girl- "you've got to be kidding, no mom, NO!"
Me- "it's an amazing vintage bike"
Pink Girl- "isn't it illegal to steal someone's trash"?
ME-"I have to have that bike and they don't want it. It's in the middle of their trash pile".
Pink Girl has now retired to the floor of the pickup and is trying to crawl under the seat.
Friend from back seat- "do you need help"?.

This was the beginning of my beloved life with "the bike". It stands proudly on the porch of my shop/studio/old church building. I change the flowers in the basket according to season. It makes me smile.

DREAM KEYS (new in my shop)

Keys have long been the symbol for success, or dreams. To me, it's more then that. The "key" is letting someone in (opening the door), or someoneone else letting you in. The key is not linked to a monitary item, but of sharing emotion; sympathy, empathy, happiness, compassion, joy and even sadness. So dream. Dream that you may truly benefit those around you. Open the door.