Vintage Wallpaper Boxes

A combination of my favorite supplies; crepe paper, vintage wallpaper, and German scrap were used to embellish these pencil boxes. Who knew items that I used in elementary school, like glue, paper and a scissors, would continue to be my favorite tools.

I really like to mix blues, pinks, taupes, and chocolate colors together they remind me of the ocean, sand, and a little girl's sweet pink dress. The combination of colors give me the romantic cottage look, with a little French inspiration. What are in the boxes you ask?
Notecards made of lucious flocked wallpaper.

I had so many wonderful comments on my friend Karen's safety pin basket, that I wanted to show you another picture. If you look closely you might be able to tell that she used two different color blue beeads in the basket. In person, this basket is stunning.