Matchy Matchy

I'll admit it. I am NOT in denial. I am not a matchy matchy person. If you are a matchy person, I think you know who you are. You know, your bed has to be in the center of the wall and you have identical end tables on each side of the bed and one medium sized picture directly above your headboard. You, are far better organized then I, and when your items are in perfect proportion you are calm and happy. But alas, I don't match. I am me. My brain needs to jump from here to there, notice this and that. It will glaze over and shut down if everything is an exact match. Lets face it, we've all been there...walked into a room where every piece of wood is stained the same color, every fabric is from the same line (even the wallpaper), and every accessory looks like it was purchased from the same store. Beautiful? Sure. Do my eyes glaze over? Yes. Even you matchy people know when it's just tooooo much. In my opinion, coordinating, not exact matching is what feels good to me. This brings me to the house project that has been floating around in my kitchen. I'd like to replace my island (work station, seats 4 people) with something that doesn't MATCH my other cupboards....remember it will coordinate.
Here are a few pictures I got from
Notice the variety of colors, countertops, and textures in the same kitchen. The islands are all different, and it just feels good to my brain.

My cabinets are honey oak and the layout is similar to this kitchen (below). I don't have a sink in my island. I think I would like to go with an island in almond or black. I'm liking these light fixtures too. We'll see....