What's in the Jar?

Strolling down a store aisle, I spied some glass jars @ 75% off! We all know that these are a MUST HAVE in decorating and organizing. I already have a couple of glass containers in my sitting room, so these beauties will go in my studio to hold bits and baubbles of supplies.

First, I wanted to show you a few things that you can display in your own jar.

sea shells and eggs

miniature Madame Alexander dolls

fabric yo yos

pink shredded paper

miniature tea set

sheet music tied up with ribbons

silver candleholders

lemons and oranges


crepe paper bird nests

cake decorating supplies

I'd love to hear your ideas!

Update: Be sure to read the wonderful comments. There are some really fantastic ideas!

For the Birds

I've noticed a little theme going on in my house lately, so I present to you..."for the birds!"

The kitchen table seems to have gone to the birds. Who wouldn't love to live in this mosaic mirrored house?

Look closely at the wire urn and you will see that Mrs. Robbin has laid her blue beauties in a nest.

Peace of Earth....stays up all year at our house.

A Bird's got to eat! A tasty sunflower treat.

I bought this little birdie the other day. She's not the prettiest tweetie, but she really wanted to come home with me. I've promised her a crown and a floral necklace.

My cottage chic friends, I have not forgotten you. Here's a gaggle of geese in a corner bathroom cabinet...

I know some of you have seen this before, the little collage made by Lori, and these sweet eggs. I just had to show them again. It's a sweet thing!

Where I live we can't plant outside until the end of May, so these little seedlings will still have more time to grow inside.

Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!


As a child, I was fortunate enough to receive Madame Alexander dolls as gifts from my parents. I have taken pictures of a few of my favorites.
The first picture is Sleeping Beauty in the blue along with a pink school girl.

Renior and Snow White

Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm

Romeo and Juliet

Wendy from Peter Pan

Wednesday's Child and Baseball player

Baby Huggums

Rocco Bride Doll

Scarlett Ohara

Pinocchio, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Not Madame Alexander, but very special to me. My father won me this Bride doll at Bingo at the Fair when I was a little girl. The whole time he kept telling me he was saving his "points" for an electric blanket! Much better then an electric blanket, don't you think?

A girl just has to have a few Barbies too!