Tussie Mussie Time!

Since Tussie Mussie's were originally used to hold flowers, and are Victorian. I think they are perfect for Valentines Day. If I were to give one as a gift, I would fill a little bag with chocolates, or salt water taffy and tuck it down inside.
Here is one that I have made. Embellished with vintage wallpaper and a row of rhinestones that came off of my mother's old party dress! This tussie was made last summer and holds peonies from my garden. A reminder that spring will come!

Please click pictures to enlarge, so you can see the detail!

Happy New Year and Sweet Valentines

Happy New Year to everyone!
It has been almost 2 weeks since I posted. I have been trying to delay the fact that Christmas is over and wishing that for a few more moments time would stand still, but it does not and again, I have to say goodbye to my boys whose lives take them far away. It was blissful while it lasted, and I will continue to enjoy the memory. I hope everyone had as fullfilling a holiday as I.

To keep my mind off the inevitable, I have decided to give in to the "world" and admit that Valentines day will come next month. What does a craft artist do to "be happy" or maintain a little sanity? We create.

For these items, I have used quite a bit of German scrap. It reminds me of the Valentines boxes my father gave my mother. I have also mixed reds and pinks, and being true to my style have added lots of details.

Again, Happy New Year to everyone! I look forward to seeing all your new creations of 2008!