Tussie Mussie & Christmas in July

There has been a lot of swap creating going on in my church studio lately. The tussie mussie swap from the junk drawer and Angelina's card's Christmas in July swap are two in which I am participating. Dolly and Joy, if you want a surprise don't peek!

The tussie mussie is filled with shells, something my partner likes. I also plan to add another surprise, but I'm not telling incase she is reading this! If you look closely, you will see the handle is trimmed in aqua/green little seashells and sparkley pink beads. My favorite part is the rhinestone trim.

These are a few of the Christmas in July cards that I created for my partner. I actually created a card that isn't pink, but it does sparkle:)

Hollyhocks, Delphiniums and a Sunflower!

Tomorrow (July 15th) at 8:00pm Central time, I will draw for the giveaway, so be sure to leave a comment on the giveaway post!
Thank you for all the kind comments on my hang tags. I will get more made next week.

Now, just look at what's growing in my garden!